Client: Todd Bailey, Senior Vice President, Director of Government Relations for Huntington Bank

One word to describe MM&A: Integrity

What they say about us: “Our relationship with McAlvey Merchant & Associates is without question built on trust and integrity. They have very strong relationships with leaders on both sides of the aisle because of these unwavering qualities and commitment to them as core business principals. The MM&A team is also incredibly responsive and always provides honest, direct feedback – hallmarks of their long-running success. There is simply no better option for legislative success than MM&A.

Michigan Corn Growers Association

Client: Jim Zook, Executive Director of Michigan Corn

One word to describe MM&A: Professionalism

What they say about us: “McAlvey Merchant & Associates has helped us deepen our connections with the legislature. They have done an amazing job elevating our organization within the legislature and helping us build brand awareness. Working with the MM&A team is a partnership. Even though they work with multiple clients, they are always responsive and find solutions quickly. They have a deep understanding of our industry’s issues, and are respected by legislators on both sides of the aisle. If you are looking for someone who will work on your behalf and elevate your organization, MM&A is your lobbying firm.”


Client: John Helmholdt, Executive Director of Communications & External Affairs for Grand Rapids Public Schools

One word to describe MM&A: Successful

What they say about us: “McAlvey Merchant & Associates makes sure urban public education has a voice at the table. Over the eight years we’ve been working with MM&A, they have gained a deep understanding of urban education and has become a part of the GRPS team. When something comes up in the state budget or policy that impacts urban education, we are confident MM&A is going to make sure our success story is told and influences what lawmakers vote on. MM&A gives the time, attention and commitment to GRPS, and the entire team is very hands-on, supportive and engaging with GRPS staff, board of education and our superintendent. They have earned the trust of our leadership and have been extremely successful in helping us implement legislation and secure appropriations.”

John Ball Zoo

Client: Peter D’Arienzo, CEO of John Ball Zoo

One word to describe MM&A: Results

What they say about us: “I have a business to run, so I don’t have time to stay current on every piece of legislation that’s introduced or know, in detail, the inner-workings of the House and Senate. The MM&A team takes the time to understand our business, what’s important to us and where we are going strategically, and then takes the time to explain the legislative process. They also keep me informed of potential legislation that would impact our business and strategy, and develops a legislative strategy to solve issues. McAlvey Merchant & Associates is a true partner – it’s like they are part of our management team. They take the time to understand our business and what matters to us, while also delivering results.”

Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Client: Daniel Eichinger, Executive Director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs

One word to describe MM&A: Trusted

What they say about us: “Working with McAlvey Merchant & Associates, we function as a fully integrated team. Everyone at MM&A knows what issues we are working on, where we stand on them and seeks opportunities to move our interests forward. MM&A is genuinely and authentically interested in the success of our mission-oriented work. That matters to me, my board and my membership. You can get anyone to do government relations work in Lansing, but when I was looking to hire a lobbying team I needed a firm that cared about my cause, too. That’s exactly what I have with MM&A. Effectiveness in the public policy arena matters for organizations like ours, which is why we trust MM&A and why other organizations should, too.”